App Controlled Wheel Chair

Team : Kartik Gupta, Kartik Bhaiyaji, Jaspreet Singh, Paritosh Prakhar

This project is to develop a wheelchair which is useful to the physically disabled person with their voice commands, hand movements or hand gesture recognition using MEMS technology and manual control via Android app. In MEMS, we have Tilt Register. When we change the direction, the tilt registers values are changed and that values are given to the microcontroller board (Arduino Uno). Depending on the direction of MEMS, Arduino control the wheelchair direction like LEFT, RIGHT, FORWARD and BACKWARD. In voice Recognition and manual control system , we use Bluetooth Module .To create a communication between Android mobile phone and Bluetooth module connected to Arduino , an android app has been formed which after successful connection with Bluetooth Module can send data from Android app to Arduino Board which control the wheelchair directions . The system has been designed and implemented in a cost effective way so that if our project is commercialized the needy users in developing countries will benefit from it.

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