Autonomous Electroplating Station

Team : Anand Agrawal, Udit Chauhan, Shivam K. Sundaram, Zainab Zaheer, Abu Talha Danish

The Electroplating Station has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of Rail-Trolley System. We have subsidized the cost of manufacturing by implementing the support system which is indeed capable of upholding chassis and rail-trolley system. The purpose of using the rails is the need for smooth movement of chassis carrying metal plate. The pulley so chosen that it is sufficiently strong to bear the load of metal piece to be electroplated. The supports are fixed at wooden base to provide tough structure to the whole station. All containers so chosen are fixed in separate compartments assigned to wooden base. The motors so chosen that they sufficiently check the speed of chassis for its motion from 1 station to another. The motor used for driving blower are so chosen that they sufficiently wipe the extra droplets from metal piece. The motor used for Pulley is heavy as it directs the pulley to uphold the entire weight of metal piece. Also the wooden base is also sufficiently strong enough to bear the entire weight of all sub-stations. The fixed wooden base and rails also provides a means to carry the whole Electroplating Station at once, thus this whole arrangement is mobile from 1 place to another.

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