GSM Based Result System

Team : Anand Agrawal

The purpose of the design model is to access the result by the students via single SMS over their mobile phones. Project can be scalable to Offices where Employees can get their monthly report evaluation result or can be used to broadcast the urgent message to all the employees of a subdivision in the company. The prototype model uses UART Protocol to interface GSM Modem and I2C Protocol to interface external EEPROM with Microcontroller. The purpose of GSM Modem is to send and receive the message from recipients whereas EEPROM stores the database of Result along with Individuals Student Id. Microcontroller acts as a link between GSM Modem and EEPROM and processes the data to deliver correct message to correct Individual. Prototype Design Model uses some standard components such as GSM Modem SIM300, AVR Microcontroller, USBASP AVR Programmer, EEPROM 24C512 IC, 7805 Voltage Regulator and few other miscellaneous components.

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