Low Cost ECG Signal Acquisition and Feature Extraction with Computer Aided Analysis

Team : Aftab Usmani, Haris siddiqui, Ali Shahzan

The present paper proposes a system design of Electrocardiogram (ECG) system to be used to acquire ECG signals and to enable a computer aided analysis of the same according to medical standards. The paper deals in detail the system design which is meant to provide a framework for developing useful embedded tools for easy, timely, cheap and accurate detection of heart abnormalities and cardiac murmurs which often go unnoticed in absence of trained physicians. The tagline of the system is its low cost that sets it apart from the peer in the market. A dedicated display unit for displaying the waveforms is bypassed, hence reducing the cost reasonably, instead the computer screen is used as the display unit of system, thus making it possible for further analysis and interpretation. LabVIEW is used for signal analysis, however dedicated software for the sole purpose can be developed in the future.

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