Stationary Device for Harvesting Energy from Railway Tracks

Team : Haroon Rahman, Aftab Ansari

Harvesting energy from renewable sources has been in demand formany years. We have thought to go in different way by utilizing energy from moving train. A stationary device is placed on the railway track to harvest energy from the moving train by using ‘scotch yoke mechanism’. As we all know that world is in search of alternative form of energy, whether it is in the form of wind, solar, hydro etc. There is a lot of energy in the universe which is not utilized or wasted .There is a great need of harvesting this energy from various sources. As we all know that trains consume lot of energy in the form of electricity or coal for their propulsion but making energy from the train is a challenging task. This project deal with the harvesting of energy from moving train by putting stationary device on the track. Energy is stored in the battery by the moving the motor through the mechanism and that energy can be used for applications such as wireless tracking, signalling and health of monitoring tracks etc.

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