AMURoboclub presents ROBOVOYAGE to celebrate its Decade Anniversary and 10 golden years of success. To mark this event, various events will be organized which includes ROBODANGAL, Water Rocket Championship and online quizzing competition. An interactive guest lecture will also be organized by the club. The spotlight of this celebration is the Alumni Meet of the club.

ROBODANGAL : Dangal means a reserved area which is meant for free style Indian wrestling. A match is fought between two individuals, the one who stands till the last in the arena is the winner of the event. The event ROBODANGAL is thus based on this theme. Where the teams have to make a robot that will push, lift, move, pull or drag its opponent robot out of the arena, aka AKHADA. The ultimate goal of the robot is to give its opponent a DHOBI PACHHAAD.

Water Rocket Championship : The "Water Rocket Challenge" explores the principle of rocket. The teams will have to construct and launch a rocket made from bottles that is powered by a combination of water and compressed air.

Online Quizzing Competition : An online quizzing competition based on exciting topics will also be organized.

ALUMNI MEET : A day devoted to those who have been an integral part of AMURoboclub. It will be organized on 14th October 2018 from 10:00 a.m. Anyone who have graduated in 2018 or before and have ever been a part of AMURoboclub can attend this meet.

BIG 3.0 : AMURoboclub in collaboration with its alumni announce BIG Q 3.0. The contest is open for all AMU students. The objective of this contest is to give a pathway to students who wish to create and innovate something new by providing technical mentorship and resources from AMURoboclub. In this third version of BIG Q , the theme is to design and implement a device on the Internet of Things (IoT) in which your device contributes in the fields of agriculture, energy conservation or problem related to real world.

A celebration to mark the completion of "10 strong years of AMURoboclub". It will be a week full of exciting competitions, interactive guest lectures and above all, an alumni meet for those who have been a part and parcel of this beautiful journey. The competitions include ROBODANGAL, Water Rocket Challenge and an online event which are open for all AMU students. Alumni meet will be organized on 14th October 2018 from 10:00 am.

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